Due Vetro Studio welcomes you to our website! 

A sample photo gallery and color list is on the next page. These are older pieces and may have old colors or designs that we don't make anymore. Custom pieces can be designed with many more colors than we make for our production work.  

 You may already be familar with our hand-made glass items for the garden, patio, yard.  Flowers don't fill with water and have a look great with candles in them at night.

Glass works we make include: fish, frogs, turtles chickens, flying piggies, bees, ribbons,  squiggles(spirals), wiggles(leaves), large leaves, mushrooms, pond & garden balls, finials, laughing glass, cookies (discs) 

 Due Vetro Studio

815 Engle Rd(west gate, towards Ft. Casey) Coupeville, WA 98239

Message phone - 360-675-6974

Email: tcglass@coupeville.net


Our new glassblowing studio is under constuction, and we are slowed down because of various factors, including TC's health issues. This new studio will be a great place to visit, watch glassblowing, enjoy the view of the Olympic Mts, Victoria BC Canada(way out there), the Straits(looking west), we have plans to have a sculpture garden with paths and unique uses for our blown glass. A gallery will have our works for sale, a 2nd's area with deals on glass with imperfections. 

 Size comparison for our small, medium, and large flowers, since they are handmade they will vary a bit. Check our website for other updates. We can post some pics soon showing our progress and other parts of the property. Check back here for more info. on our struggles, building, glass or health related. 

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